Nvidia announces new Titan Xp GPU along with upcoming beta Pascal drivers for the Mac

Jeff Benjamin for 9to5Mac:

We have reached out to Nvidia for a statement about compatibility down the line with lesser 10-series cards, and I’m happy to report that Nvidia states that all Pascal-based GPUs will be Mac-enabled via upcoming drivers. This means that you will be able to use a GTX 1080, for instance, on a Mac system via an eGPU setup, or with a Hackintosh build. Exciting times, indeed.

This probably means that Apple is at least strongly considering making Nvidia graphics an option for their forthcoming modular Mac Pro. But the public release of these drivers is really only of interest to people who need a lot of graphics power and are either on an old cheese-grater Mac Pro, a Hackintosh, or a Mac with an external GPU. Probably 10% of 1% of Apple’s users—but it’s great to see that Apple seems to care about us again. This and the rumors of a Xeon iMac have me much more optimistic than before about the future of Macs for filmmakers, 3d designers, and motion graphics artists.

Posted by David Mikucki on April 7, 2017