Helvetic: A Bout

Helvetic started as a podcast about theology and design. Over time, our topic became art, design, and creativity from a Christian worldview. About a year after we started it, we decided to add a blog. Now, we record podcast episodes about once every two weeks and we try to blog almost every day.

Now that you know about Helvetic, here’s some information about its hosts:

Joe Carter

Joe Carter is a Married father of 6 – he is reluctantly reformed in theology and is often convinced by the last thing he’s read. Eschatologically unclear (leaning towards Post-Mil / Amil, but still nervous about being Left behind ™), he enjoys Theological discussions and debates.

He has had a couple years of schooling in Graphic Design (though no degree) and has run a freelance design business off and on for more than 10 years. Joe is also an employee at Olive Tree.

David Mikucki

David is a front end web developer and designer for Olive Tree. He’s been involved in design for about eight years. David is married with no kids (yet). He’s recently started working towards a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, but has taken some time off. Theologically, David subscribes to the Westminster Standards.

A Legal Disclaimer

As a note, although both hosts work for Olive Tree (a division of Harper Collins Christian Publishing), this website and the podcast are not affiliated with Olive Tree or Harper Collins. The opinions expressed on this website and podcast belong to David and Joe, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Olive Tree or Harper Collins.