Apple Acquires Workflow

Federico Viticci for Macworld:

It’s an exciting time for iOS productivity and automation. I can’t wait to see what Apple’s newfound interest in automation is going to produce.

Considering Apple seems less interested in Automator, I have to wonder if we won’t see Workflow coming to macOS. I suspect WWDC will be really interesting this year, regardless.

Apple’s Next Big Thing: Augmented Reality

Mark Gurman writing for Bloomberg:

Apple has also recruited people with expertise in everything from 3D video production to wearable hardware.

Gurman has a good reputation when it comes to Apple rumors. It will be interesting to see Apple’s take on AR, since Google Glass did so poorly. I’m also not sure how useful AR can be without glasses, since holding up your phone to use it seems like a bad experience.

The quote I have from the article here amused me, since a lack of Mac Pro hardware updates has been actively turning away from their products some of the people they are recruiting for AR. But this gives me some hope we may see new hardware at WWDC, unless they plan to do all their design work on Windows boxes.

25: Super Easy to Paste

In this episode, we start off by explaining our recent near-hiatus and what we’re doing to make sure we put out content consistently. Short story, the podcast will be switching to once every two weeks, but we’re going to try to supplement with written content and possibly Youtube videos. Our main topic is the hardware announcements from Apple and Microsoft, and what the future looks like for designers in terms of hardware and software. It seems like Microsoft now cares more about creative professionals than Apple, and that has prompted one of the hosts to take what some might call drastic action…

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24: Trendy New Pantsuit

In this episode, we discuss the design of each of the major political parties in the U.S. presidential election. Although had this discussion significantly before the election, we didn’t get the episode edited and released until after the election was over. It was probably for the best, though, because you were totally going to let our opinion influence your vote, right?

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19: The Whole Website Is Like a Toaster

In this episode, we discuss the prevalence of terrible design and typography in otherwise good Christian theology. We also tackle the issue of designers making ugly heresy beautiful and appealing to potential readers. We talk a little bit about the importance of adorning good theology well, and throw out some suggestions for people designing church websites. In case we didn’t make everyone angry, David awkwardly tries to briefly explain the position of the Scottish Covenanters.

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17: Our Angry Robot Overlords

In this episode, we were prompted by the epidemic that is Pokemon Go to talk about apps that aim to have a positive impact on your life. Topics include Pokemon Go, Apple Watch circles, Carrot Todo, and overall gamification of our lives. We wrap up by talking about whether or not the idea of gamifying our prayer lists and Bible reading is a good thing.

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