52: The Crowd Goes Moo

In this episode, we talk about the value of dabbling in other creative fields besides the one that puts bacon on your table every meal. We talk about broadening your horizons to learn from creatives in other fields, and toss out some suggestions for how one might go about developing hobbies in other creative fields.

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51: Me and Mark

In this episode, we interview Les Lanphere! We catch up on a little ‘making of ‘ Calvinist, talk about his new film, Spirit and Truth. We talk his reasons for making it, the gear he’s using to make it, and then wrap up with a discussion on the place of creativity in worship.

If you’re thinking you will want to watch Les’ film when it comes out, you might consider donating $25 on Kickstarter so that Les can make the movie even better.

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50: Shut Up, Adobe

In this episode, we reflect back on 50 episodes of Helvetic. We also reflect back on 10 years of apps and talk about how life-altering smartphones have been. Lastly, we talk about about our goals for Helvetic and how we can start to create a thriving community where Christians can meet, work with, and share advice with other Christians in their field.

We didn’t mention many links this episode, but you should check out our community page to get connected on Facebook and Slack. Oh, and here is the Ira Glass storytelling thing.

48: Dongles Everywhere

A wild episode appeared!

In this episode, we discuss our software state of the union, most notably David’s decreasing dependency on Adobe software. Also this episode’s artwork is a collaboration between Joe and I (David). He made the Hydra-dongle logo and I composited it onto a laptop screen and graded everything.

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47: Your Squash Is Going Bad

We’re still getting our podcasting feet back underneath us, so in this episode we tackled a softball: WWDC 2018. We pick our favorite and biggest disappointments from each OS, then round out the discussion a little by discussing the recent mega-tech-company fad of caring about people’s time and privacy.

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46: We Have Goats

In this episode, which actually was technically recorded before our last episode, we discuss how to survive a design (or other creative project) review meeting. We tell some horror stories and then discuss some tips we’ve found make them easier to get through without wanting to cry or quit your job. We even throw out some tips for how to encourage helpful feedbacks and make the meetings something you’re actually glad to be a part of—maybe.

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45: Twelve Cores: One Port

Don’t call it a comeback! Or actually, you can. We’re back. In this episode, we apologize for not putting out new episodes, explain what we’ve been up to, and give a state of the gear union address about what kinds of hardware we’re using to make stuff, including David’s new PC build (parts listed below).

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David’s PC Build

  • Intel Core i7 8700K
  • Asus ROG Strix Z370-E Motherboard
  • Cooler Master 212 EVO Fan
  • 64GB DDR4 3000mhz RAM
  • Sandisk 2TB SSD
  • MSI Nvidia GTX 1080 TI
  • Pretty white case
  • Microsoft Surface Keyboard
  • Logitech MX Master 2S

43: Tide Has Made a Lot of Commercials

In this episode, we discuss an article called This Design Generation Has Failed by Mike Monteiro. In the article, he argues that because bad User Experience can have hugely detrimental affects on users, designers should be licensed (among other things). We discuss this idea of licensed designers, as well as what we as Christians can do to make sure the products we create (whether user interfaces, movies, pieces of art, or widgets) help people instead of harming them.

Note: Due to some technical issues, the audio on this episode is a bit messed up. Sorry about that. Everything should sound pretty good in the next episode.

Lastly, you can ask a question by tweeting using #helveticaquestion

42: Two Surprises Coming

In this episode, we talk about ways freelancers can make sure they’re being paid a fair wage—even after a price has already been agreed on. We also share some horror stories from listeners who took work without a clearly defined contract.

Note:The audio in this episode is definitely better than in the last one, but Joe’s iPad being close to the mic seemed to cause some interference. We should be able to work out that kink for the next episode. Thanks for your patience.

41: In Case Joe Peaks

Small warning: we’re trying something new in how we record the show and the audio for this episode isn’t great. Expect low-volume car noises. Next one should be better.

In this episode, we have a short discussion about how much churches love to use Papyrus and Comic Sans, why that is, and how it can be avoided at your church. We also chat a little about the recent (at time of recording) HomePod and Mavic Air releases.

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39: Oh, Hello Layers

In this episode, we discuss productivity and organization. Everyone knows that being more organized will help them be more productive, but few of us actually take the time to get and say organized. We talk about why we should strive for better productivity, some of the things that get in our way, and some of the techniques we use to make ourselves more productive. Spoiler: we’re not that productive, so send us your suggestions on how to get better.

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38: Welcome to Hel…vetic

This episode got away from us. Joe got a new mic, we were late because of an glut of guitars, and we let a single #helveticaquestion take over basically the entire episode. The question was “What place should marketing play (or not play) in the modern church?”


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