43: Tide Has Made a Lot of Commercials

In this episode, we discuss an article called This Design Generation Has Failed by Mike Monteiro. In the article, he argues that because bad User Experience can have hugely detrimental affects on users, designers should be licensed (among other things). We discuss this idea of licensed designers, as well as what we as Christians can do to make sure the products we create (whether user interfaces, movies, pieces of art, or widgets) help people instead of harming them.

Note: Due to some technical issues, the audio on this episode is a bit messed up. Sorry about that. Everything should sound pretty good in the next episode.

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42: Two Surprises Coming

In this episode, we talk about ways freelancers can make sure they’re being paid a fair wage—even after a price has already been agreed on. We also share some horror stories from listeners who took work without a clearly defined contract.

Note:The audio in this episode is definitely better than in the last one, but Joe’s iPad being close to the mic seemed to cause some interference. We should be able to work out that kink for the next episode. Thanks for your patience.

41: In Case Joe Peaks

Small warning: we’re trying something new in how we record the show and the audio for this episode isn’t great. Expect low-volume car noises. Next one should be better.

In this episode, we have a short discussion about how much churches love to use Papyrus and Comic Sans, why that is, and how it can be avoided at your church. We also chat a little about the recent (at time of recording) HomePod and Mavic Air releases.

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39: Oh, Hello Layers

In this episode, we discuss productivity and organization. Everyone knows that being more organized will help them be more productive, but few of us actually take the time to get and say organized. We talk about why we should strive for better productivity, some of the things that get in our way, and some of the techniques we use to make ourselves more productive. Spoiler: we’re not that productive, so send us your suggestions on how to get better.

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38: Welcome to Hel…vetic

This episode got away from us. Joe got a new mic, we were late because of an glut of guitars, and we let a single #helveticaquestion take over basically the entire episode. The question was “What place should marketing play (or not play) in the modern church?”


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37: Mid-80’s Car Dealership

In this episode, we talk about the boring stuff and how to deal with it. Every job has its boring parts, and hopefully its exciting parts. We discuss ways of being thankful for the boring stuff, and what to do if everything you do seems boring—plus  some tips for getting to do more of the work you like.

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36: We’re in a Sports Metaphor

In this episode, we discuss social media. What is it designed to be, how it can be misused, how creatives can use it to promote their businesses without being that guy, and some biblical guidelines for Christians using it. We also talk about how terrible Twitter and Amway are.

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35: Stone Cold Drunk

In this episode, we discuss our feelings and stuff. Kind of. The episode topic is “being okay with being terrible.” When you first start learning something—new software, a new artwork, how to do your taxes, etc.—you’re almost always not as good at it as you want to be. We discuss the challenges associated with forcing yourself to learn something new, the benefits, and some ideas for how to knuckle down and start learning something new.

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15 Biggest Mistakes Made by Artists

CG Society recently published an article by Cubebrush:

If you find yourself with not knowing how to move forward on a visual problem, then you probably do not have enough visual reference.

There’s a lot of great content in here for pretty much any kind of creative, but especially those working with CG or illustration.

34: Anchor’s Away

In this episode, we try out the Anchor podcasting app and basically learn how to (and, more importantly) how not to use it. Our discussion surrounds the idea of using iPads and drawing tablets. We’re going to try to have gear and tech talks live and keep them short, then reserve our main podcast for deeper topics, where we can go much deeper and use more puns.

33: Radio Gold

We’re back! This episode is a little bit like a 500-word essays about what we did over the Summer. We apologize for disappearing, attempt to explain ourselves, and then have a somewhat scattered (but totally interesting, trust us) discussion about doing #everyday or #daily projects, and how you sometimes need slower or less-nice gear to get stuff done. Get the gear you’ll actually use, not the stuff that’s fastest or shiniest.

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Disclaimer: The image for this episode is pretty lame, but I’m (David) learning a new rendering engine, so cut me some slack.

32: John Piper is My Jam

In this episode, we discuss if and how creativity should be used in the context of worship—especially corporate worship. This is a topic that we disagree on, so we each present our views, had some time for back and forth, and talked about what the implications are. We also discussed the things we agree on in this discussion. Lastly, we provided some resources—because listening to a couple designers talk about theology isn’t the best source for sound doctrine. You can check those resources out below.

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Ethics In User Experience Design

Hila Yonatan for Usability Geek:

[…]in a conflict of interests, do the user’s interests win? Meaning, no wasting time, no invasion of personal privacy, no unnecessary limitations and so on.

Can you answer that? Great! You are halfway there

Great article on ethics in experience design (or as we like to call it, loving the user as yourself).